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Six Sentence Sunday – Loving a Prince Charming

Yes, yes, I know, I’m a punk and need to be better about my blogging – la la la.

LovingaPrinceCharming_800pxBut enough about that. I am currently in the editing stage for the next book of my Fairy Tales & Ever After series! Rejoice with me, all lovers of slightly fractured fairy tales!

Loving a Prince Charming is my remake of Sleeping Beauty (Loving a Fairy Godmother was Cinderella and Loving an Ugly Beast was Beauty and the Beast). Those wacky fairy godmothers do have a guest appearance – Pshaw! as if I could keep them away! – and you might just see a return appearance of that original gangsta fairy, the Elf King.

This baby is still in serious edit mode (so the following is subject to change) but here is a snippet from early in our story, where Seth (our Prince Charming) is rescued from some overanxious admirers by Kira (the one who puts up with him).

“It’s safe, your Cowardness.”

He poked his head around. “They’re all gone?”

“The scary girls are no more.”

“Are you mocking me?” He looked up, up, and up. Thank heavens he was taller than most himself, or he might have some inadequacy issues being her best friend. “How’d you get so tall? Your dad is short.”

Look for Loving a Prince Charming to be out late April/Early May!

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