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Six Sentence Sunday – Loving an Ugly Beast

LovinganUglyBeast_800pxI have a new release coming out! Joy and Wonderment!

Last year was not a big release year for me. I was writing, sure, but I was doing the behind the scenes projects, the ones where I am currently in wait mode over.

While just writing is wonderful, there is nothing quite like releasing a product out there into the wild, letting it free for all the peoples to see and enjoy (or mock me over, your choice).

Loving an Ugly Beast, the second book in my Fairy Tales & Ever Afters series, will be coming out in the next few weeks. We’re doing all that good finalizing stuff right now – for example, it doesn’t have a back cover copy yet… working on it! – but the finish line is in sight.

So in honor of this momentous occasion, today we will celebrate by releasing a snippet in Six Sentence fashion. This little scene is at the beginning of the story, where our heroine Nissa is experiencing all these messy feelings that threaten her friendship with her beastly best friend, Benton. Oh no! Don’t you hate when that happens?


And now the day was ending as it often did, with them against a thick oak a few feet away from the lake’s edge while Nissa read. Today’s selection was love sonnets at Benton’s request, the eloquent, sometimes naughty verses stoking Nissa’s longing for the man whose head now lay in her lap.

One hand held the book while the other stroked through his thick, dark hair. As the last sonnet ended she closed the book but couldn’t quite bring herself to stop this allowable touch. “Benton?”

Benton looked up at her, and for one unguarded moment his eyes shone from within with a fierce, hungry light. A shiver – part warning, part longing – snaked over her skin and left raw, exposed nerves in its wake. “Benton?”


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