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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are reading this, I assume you have some interest in me and my world (you are too kind, bless you). If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please get in touch with me at

So, you’re a writer?  Why yes I am! I am the USA Today Bestselling writer of the Entwined Realms series as well as some other works. What should you expect when reading something of mine?

  • Well, it will fall under the fantasy and paranormal umbrella in some way.
  • There will be violence – especially from the women folk.
  • It will have my sense of humor (such as it is).
  • But even with the humor, if I don’t make you cry during my story or at least make your heart hurt once, then I’ve done something wrong.
  • And finally, always always there will be a strong romantic element to it, even if it is not classified as a romance.

In short – sex and violence, ba-bies! I got you covered both ways!

Where can I find your books? At the very top of this blog there is a BOOKS tab. Click on that and everything I have up for sale will be displayed for your viewing pleasure – titles, series, and where to buy.

I’ve read your stories, and strangely enough – I like them! I want to know the moment your next book releases, so please, how do I do this? You are too kind and thank you greatly! The best way to know the moment one of my books releases is to sign up for my Danielle Monsch – Romantic Geek Girl announcements list. This list is only used to announce when I have a new book out OR if I’m running a big contest – don’t want my list peeps to possibly miss out on getting free stuff! Other than that, I don’t bother you, and I promise on my Lord of the Rings Extended DVD collection I will never give your email out to anyone else.

What are your thoughts on fanfiction? Go for it. Seriously, I started in fanfic a long time ago, and I have a great love for fan created content. So however you wish to play in my worlds, please have fun! In fact, if anyone creates any fanart, please send it, I’d love to post it! (Legal Disclaimer Here – Please do not send me your fanfiction. I will not/can not/shall not read it. The lawyers have gotten involved, and bottom line, reading fanfic is not something I can do. Having said that, though I’ll never see it, write away and have a good time!)

Best Comic Book Cover of all time? Michael Turner’s Identity Crisis #4 cover, in which Wonder Woman is holding her golden lasso like a hangman’s noose. Also gets my vote for the most incredible Wonder Woman image.