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Six Sentence Sunday – Loving a Prince Charming

LovingaPrinceCharming_800pxAnd yes, in the midst of my merry-making at Sakura-Con, I come to you to share more Fairy Tale goodness with the next book in my Fairy Tales & Ever Afters series, Loving a Prince Charming!

At its heart, Loving a Prince Charming is a friends-to-lovers story. Seth and Kira have grown-up together. As Prince, Seth has been engaged since he was very young to a neighboring kingdom’s princess, so he’s deliberately kept his thoughts of Kira on the best friend level, but you know, sometimes that spark of attraction breaks through at the most innocuous times…

His face was inches from hers, so close the brown ring that shaded the green of her irises was visible. He could count each individual eyelash and eyebrow hair, both of them a darker than the hair on her head, a touch of brown added to the true red.

With her red hair and fair skin, she should have freckles, but she didn’t. What she had instead was a wide mouth that had a perfectly formed top lip and a too-thin bottom lip, but those two combined created the most glorious smile he had ever beheld on anyone.

That was Kira in a nutshell, dazzling in her slight imperfections. Blessed with quick wits and battle skills only men usually possessed, and far more feminine than any lady who dedicated herself to gossip and fashion.

Loving a Prince Charming will be released late April!

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