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*SOB* Why can’t you be real?

Alternately titled – Why I hate April Fool’s. Full of awesome stuff you just can’t buy.

1ba2_rosetta_stone_for_klingonFor the original post, head over to ThinkGeek – and since you’re over there anyway, buy lots of stuff. They got some nifty things on that site *looks side-eye at my credit card statement*


Free Book of the Urban Fantasy variety – Slayer’s Kiss by Cassi Carver

Slayers-KissCassi Carver is a sweet, gracious woman who also happens to be a kick-butt Urban Fantasy writer as well as someone who won life’s lottery in the genetics department. To all this I have to say – Couldn’t you have shared just a little, Cassi Carver? Would it have been so difficult to spread the wealth around?

Enough on that though, let’s concentrate on the important stuff, the kick-butt Urban Fantasy writing part. Someone at Samhain Publishing must have been having too much fun with the chocolate bunnies this Easter, because they made the unbelievable decision to put her book up for free! That’s right, from now until April 15, you can get Slayer’s Kiss, Book 1 of The Shadow Slayers series, for free!


Did you grasp the free part?

So you UF peoples, go, rejoice, download giddily, and get a darn good book at an unbeatable price.

Free, in case you haven’t picked up on that yet.

There’s this writer by the name of Jeannie Lin…

…and Jeannie Lin writes historical romance novels set during the Tang Dynasty of China – which no one else does. She has beautiful cover art and has won lots of awards and I’m sure she goes around and introduces herself butterflyswordsby saying, “Hi, I’m Jeannie Lin, and I write award-winning historical romance set during the Tang Dynasty of China. Would you like to touch one of my awards?”

Not to encourage her takeover of the world, but her first novel Butterfly Swords is on sale for $1.99 at Amazon for a limited time. Go grab a great novel at a great price, then go back after you’ve read it and grab the rest of her books. You’ll be happy you did.

Talking POISON PRINCESS over at Heroes and Heartbreakers

Yes, people DO like me, enough that they occasionally allow me to post my ramblings on their sites.

Case-in-point – over at Heroes and Heartbreakers today I’m talking a little bit about Kresley Cole’s newest book Poison Princess, the first book in the Arcana Chronicles series and her first YA release.

I used to say I never read YA. Then someone pointed out that 90% of my manga collection is shoujo. So now I say I never read YA novels. This story is probably only the third I’ve ever attempted and the first one I’ve in any way liked.

Review of this will be forthcoming on this site in the next few days, but for now, hear my first thoughts over at H&H!

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