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*SOB* Why can’t you be real?

Alternately titled – Why I hate April Fool’s. Full of awesome stuff you just can’t buy.

1ba2_rosetta_stone_for_klingonFor the original post, head over to ThinkGeek – and since you’re over there anyway, buy lots of stuff. They got some nifty things on that site *looks side-eye at my credit card statement*


Dammit, Jim, why are you making me see Star Trek Into Darkness?

To be fair, let’s place blame where blame is warranted. Ever since I’ve gotten into fangirl mode over BBC’s Sherlock – and yes, Benedict Cumberbatch (There, I’ve admitted it!) – I must now search out and find all shows that feature the aforementioned Mr. Cumberbatch.

Problem is, most of the films BC has done are period pieces or other types of films I have no interest in seeing, not even for the chance of hearing his voice once again (Have I always been this lowbrow? Umm, probably.) I’d rather just rewatch Sherlock. So the chance to see him in a film that I might have a tiny bit of interest in is not something I’m willing to pass up.

I did not enjoy the original Star Trek reboot – that was surprising. Going into it, I figured I’d really enjoy and hubby (who is not a trekkie, but does truly love the original series) would be meh on it. The opposite was what occurred. So this time around I figured I’d usher hubby out the door with his friends for a Star Trek day while I stayed with the kids. That way, he’d have a good time with the guys, I’d have pizza day with my girls AND have hubby owe me some “mommy” time later… win-win, right?

Instead, Benedict Cumberbatch ruined that plan for me. Now I need to find a babysitter and sit through Chris Pine’s portrayal of Kirk.

The problems of a fangirl.

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