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What’s next for the Entwined Realms?

Mistakes. I’ve made a few.

This post is part mea culpa and part information overload. The information part has to do with the next books in my Entwined Realms series. Stone_Embrace_final800The sincere apologies – that comes from me making unthinking, unknowing, oops I had no clue goof-ups. All I can say in my defense is Stone Guardian was my first novel, and I didn’t know everything that went into doing this author stuff both in the home life side and in the online side. It’s been a lot of learning over the last nine months.

The biggest mistake I made was announcing release dates and not meeting them. Out of everything I’ve goofed on, I’m most embarrassed by that, and I truly apologize for not only the wait, but for disappointing the ones who have been standing beside me the longest. I could give all the details on what happened, but it’s common and kinda boring. In the end, what matters is I didn’t do what I said I would. One thing I can guarantee is it won’t happen again.

Cage_King_finalDani  – I imagine you all saying – I hear ya, and we’ll discuss later. Most important thing to me now? What’s the release schedule looking like and when can I expect some books? Can you tell me?

You bet! One thing I’ve learned is I’m not (yet) an author that can give a release date. But what I can do – and am comfortable in doing, since I’m far enough in all these books to give a good guess – is give a rough time frame. And that, my friends, is what I’ll do right now.

First up is Stone Embrace (top right), which is basically a 50 page extended epilogue to Stone Guardian. You’ll have dinner with the Miller clan (and watch Jack Miller and Terak discuss) and get some more relationship stuff with Larissa and Terak. Stone Embrace is going to be a free read – it was written as a thank you to my readers. Expect Stone Embrace end of Juneish.

Second will be a novella entitled The Cage King. It is meant to bridge between books 1 and 2. Why this instead of finishing the novel? Chalk that up to a (slight) mistake and author learning time. See, I was going to be part of an anthology with other authors who I admire very much, and the anthology was going to made up of all new material. Looking back, I shouldn’t have gone down this path, but I followed the new and shiny and plotted out this novella.

The anthology ultimately didn’t pan out, but though I tried to go back to finishing book 2, the reality was I put a few important world-building elements into The Cage KingDreamCrafterFront800 that have long-reaching effects, and I couldn’t think of an elegant way of unraveling that novella and placing the elements back into the main book series. So I forge ahead with this novella. No worries, Fallon and Laire are there to lend their unique flair, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it even though it’s not book 2. The Cage King will be out Augustish.

Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for. The Dream Crafter is book 2 in the Entwined Realms. A mercenary and a woman who controls dreams, battling over a powerful spellbook, on the run from the Guild, the necromancers, and a few brand-new baddies. Here you will experience a magical BDSM club, a redneck ninja, and a berserker who sings opera. What more could you need in a book, other than even more Fallon and Laire (who are of course on hand)? Nothing, I tell you. The Dream Crafter will be out late Septemberish.

Phew. That’s a lot of info. Hopefully this brings everyone up-to-date so there is no more confusion over what’s going on in the series.

Once again, I apologize for the craziness. You have come with me on my author adventure and learning, and I know it wasn’t the most fun. As my mom always told me, “Sorry is one thing, but how are you going to make it up?” In my case, I am going to be putting up both The Cage King and The Dream Crafter up free the first week they are available for sale, so everyone who has been so patient will be able to grab it up. It’s my way of saying Thank You for sticking by me, and I’m Sorry for being such a pain  🙂  If you want to be absolutely sure you know the moment it goes on sale, the best way I know of doing that is signing up for my newsletter – I promise I’ll email a couple times while the free is going on. As I stated above, Stone Embrace was written to be free – I’m never going to charge for it.

Take care everyone! See you around on twitter or facebook – but not too much, or feel free to tell me to get back to writing  🙂








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