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SWAG Giveaway!



RT SWAG Giveaway!!!

Okay, maybe most of the swag comes from me and only a little from RT! Honestly, in previous years I’ve gotten so much more, but that was before I went to the Romantic Times Convention as an author and actually had to work!

Still, I hope this is nifty enough it will give someone a thrill. From me, we have a gargoyle tote bag, notebooks with the various book covers (both currently out and future books) a mousepad, and a Fallon(!) coffee mug, and I will be including the audio version of Stone Guardian to celebrate Audiobook month!

From RT, I have the RT Convention bag, some pens, a couple glasses, some paper promo, and a few other things I’m forgetting.

From New Orleans, I’m including a dragon picture I picked up from a local shop. All things considered, I thought it was appropriate for a giveaway from me

To enter, you’ll have to either like me on my facebook author page or follow me on twitter, or both – that’s it, no other craziness required. Sorry guys, but USA only. Shipping would make me cry otherwise.

Good luck!

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