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Karma is Happy with Me

I could have been selfish. Think of the opportunity – read a Meljean Brook novella two months before release and get the previous books in the series?

My little devil side fought me hard about spreading the news Рplenty of people are talking about it LD said. But my good angel told me to spread the word, because it was too awesome an opportunity and everyone who could get their name in deserved a chance.

I followed GA and crossed my fingers.

Well, my good deed was rewarded. I was picked at random as one of those who will get to read the novellas! I’m so excited, I yelped when I saw my name.

Beyond awesome all around.

Be a test reader for Meljean Brook? Yes Please!

Are you a fan of Steampunk, but for some reason or another, have not yet gotten around to reading “The Iron Seas” series by Meljean Brook? You mean to – you really have! – but there are only so many hours in the day…

Well, for once your procrastination tendencies will pay off! Meljean Brook needs a few good readers to read her two epilogue novellas, Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City and Tethered.

The catch. She needs people who have not read her either The Iron Duke or Heart of Steel.

So if this sounds like a fantastic opportunity to jump into her steampunk world, head over to Meljean’s website and put your name out there to volunteer!

Seeking test readers new to The Iron Seas

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