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Back from Romantic Times Convention

It has been way way too long since I posted, but I got a good excuse – honest!

You see, I’m not just a geek, I am an author geek, someone who writes stories for a living. And with that being the case, I sometimes go to conventions that celebrate romance and writing.

This last week I was at the Romantic Times Convention. With this being my first time at this particular convention, there were some hiccups as I learned the ropes and got the lay of the land. However, many awesome things did happen.

I met authors! I met authors I like! I met (or spoke to for a moment and did not escorted out by security – same thing!) JR Ward, Anne Rice, Kristen Painter, Kate Pearce, Delilah Marvelle, Eden Bradley, and many, many others.

Over the next several days I shall share stories and review some of the books I got. I shall also be doing a giveaway (or three!)

Stay tuned…

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